Best Instagram Props

Instagram is a fun way to show the world your adventures. However, sometimes it can be tricky to know what to do with your hands in photos. The easiest way I found to solve this dilemma is to use props! Here is a list of my favorite props for photos with picture examples.

  1. Flowers- They are colorful and add some pizzazz to a plain photo.

2. Fruit- This may seem like a weird prop, but fruits are fun for photos! Think about all the fun colors and shapes of fruit. It also makes you look like you are on a tropical vacation!

3.A drink or coffee- Coffee just makes everything better but especially photos! It gives you something to hold and who knows, maybe your favorite coffee spot will re-gram your photo!

4.Your favorite accessory- Hats, umbrellas, and bright bags. I love using hats in my photos. They obviously look great on your head, but they also work in your hands, in the air, or even on the ground next to you. So next time you are taking photos, throw your hat in the air like you just don’t care!

5.Colorful treats- Ice cream, cookies, candy, snow cones, it all works!

6. Pool floats- you can be on them, holding them, or even just have them in the background!

7. Blankets or towel- great for having a picnic photo or when you are out by the water. It creates some interest and texture in the photo.

8. Anything small you can throw- leaves, glitter, flower petals. Anything you can throw in the air makes for a great photo!

9. Magazines- depending on your aesthetic, you might want a colorful magazine or a neutral one. Even if you aren’t reading it, having it laying in the photo adds a little somethin’ somethin’.

10. Balloons! - need I say more?

I hope you enjoyed my list of some of my favorite photo props! I am constantly picking up little things to use to create more interest in my photos. My latest purchase was a giant pinwheel that I got from a craft store. It was cheap, colorful, and adds some fun to my summer photos!

What are your favorite photo props?

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