Can friends be virtual?

Can friends be virtual?

With everyone on social media, the lines between reality and virtual can become blurred. As someone who works on social media, I spend a great deal of my time interacting with others on there. This made me think of this topic. Do virtual friendships count as real-life friendships? Are the same? How are they different? Can you count someone as a good friend even if you have never met them? This is what I’m going to be getting into today.

Working from home can be a little isolating if you let it. Typically, my only real interactions with people are with my delivery people and the post office. Sometimes I don’t even get that. This is one of the main reasons I started trying to form connections with people online. I have found the NICEST people on the internet and I’m glad I get to call them my friends. We talk every day, all day in one big group chat. Although I have not met a single one of them in real life, I still feel like I can tell them things I would tell my real-life friends. Some people don’t seem to agree with that. I have seen so many articles of people talking about this topic. In my opinion, if you don’t think that virtual friendships count as real friendships, then you obviously haven’t found the right group of people online.

When you are online, you can really narrow down the kind of people you chose to interact with. Do you really love eating ice cream at the beach? I bet you can find someone who is also passionate about that. That is a stupid example, but you get what I mean. If you meet people in real life, it can take awhile before you can learn all about their likes/dislikes. Online, you have access to that information right away. I can narrow down my search to people that I know has the same interests and values.

Although I would obviously love to meet these people in real life, a majority of them live in different states or countries. It’s actually very cool to have friends all over the world. They offer new perspectives on things that I would have never considered. In my opinion, if someone adds value to your life and expands your thinking, they are a good friend. Regardless if you have met them in real life or not.

I challenge you to meet someone new on your social media platforms and see if you can actually create a genuine connection with them. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised with what/who you find.


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