High School Verses Now: Style

We all have those cringy photos of us back when we were younger. We all thought we had great style and looked amazing. Although I have only been out of high school for about four years, I still feel like my style has changed so much since then. I like to think that it changed for the better…at least I hope so. Growing up in Maine, I wasn’t really exposed to any new and cool styles. Almost everyone in my school would wear logo style tops, leggings, UGG boots/slippers, and Victoria’s Secret ANYTHING. People thought I was dressing up just because I would wear jeans everyday…if that tells you anything. Scary. Today I wanted to reflect on how different my style is now. So, let’s start with my high school self.

Besides the fact that I hate branded clothing, I would stick out anyways because I never wore the same thing twice. I would count out 365 shirts, so I would make sure that I wouldn’t have to wear the same top twice. I named my closet “the vault” because I would wear things once and then lock it up in “the vault.” I literally painted a logo on my closet wall that said that. Dedication. One of the negatives of this was that my shirts didn’t really follow a “style.” It was more about what shirts I could buy for cheap because I needed to buy so many. The only item that I would careful chose is my jeans/bottoms. Colored jeans were my jam at the time. I took pride in my collection of colored pants. Even though they were very trendy at the time, I still was pretty much the only person wearing them where I lived. Lastly, I topped everything off with my leather jacket that I loved. I only recently just got rid of that jacket. I miss that jacket. So let’s summarize my high school style:

                -Colored pants

                -An excessive amount of random tops

                -Leather jacket

Now, moving on to my style now. The good news is that I don’t feel the need to have 365 shirts anymore. My wallet thanks me for that. My style has really evolved into what my personal style actually is. I love loose, flowing tops that I can wear even after I eat a big meal. I am now a more solid colored person. I used to think plain things were boring and would always gravitate towards patterns. Now, I love being able to mix my solids together and wear them in different ways then I would have been able to before.

I am still, and always will be a lover of color. Especially now that I take so many photos, the color just makes everything better. I still, of course, have some basic neutrals, but I try and brighten up my outfits with a fun color. Although my style really has changed, there is one thing that has stayed the same. I am always myself. I don’t really follow trends to closely and if something is super mainstream, it doesn’t really interest me in the slightest.

A summary of my more current style:

                - Loose fitting tops

                - Plain tops over pattern tops

                - Anything colorful

Well, I guess that sums everything up! It was so fun trying to diagnose my high school style! I am sure my style will always be evolving but I am LOVING what I have going on now. It's so me!


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