How to get creative again

How to get creative again

We all have those moments when you feel burned out or like you are in a creative rut. Between the constant posts on social media, school assignments, and work projects, it can take a lot of constant creative energy to keep up. Even if you don’t necessarily need to be creative every day of your life, you can still feel like you are stuck in a rut. A lot of people have written about this topic and they all generally tell you the same things. They recommend things like waking up early (gross) or going to the gym/getting outside. Now, these things make work for some people, but I wanted to leave my two-cents on the topic. These are things I do in my own life that work for me. Hopefully, there will be something that you never thought of doing. I challenge you to give them a try and see what creative masterpieces you can come up with! Here are some photos that have happened because of one of these tips!

  1. Rearrange your furniture- I happen to think that this activity is fun! Pick a room in your house and switch the furniture around in a way that you haven’t before. Sometimes looking at the same room, again and again, can put you into a mental block. This is also a great way to find all those things you lost at one point in your room!


  1. Reorganize your closet- I do this all the time. If you are a clothes lover like me, you also may find this enjoyable. Do you feel like you have nothing to wear? It's probably because you have had your clothes hanging the same way for a very long time. Grab those items that are hidden in the back of your closet and move them front and center. I promise you that you will start to wear clothes you forgot you had. This again helps with getting out of your routine and changing what you see every day.
  1. Take a different road home/drive around- Do you ever drive home and feel like you don’t even remember the drive? Its probably because it’s like you are on autopilot. You take the same road to and from every day. You stop at the same lights and pass by the same buildings. Well, I encourage you to take the backroads that you never take next time you drive. It forces you to be aware while driving and maybe you will see something you never noticed before in your own town. This is also a great tip for someone that takes a lot of photos! It's crazy what you can find in your own town that you have never noticed before.


  1. Use a different perfume- Science has told us that smells are associated with memories. Because of that, this tip should make perfect sense. The whole point is to break your everyday routine and start feeling creative. Think of a perfume you wore on an adventurous vacation, don’t you think that would instantly make you feel happy if you smelled that again? Of course! So, if you are stuck in a rut, sometimes all it takes is a simple switch to get you thinking again.
  1. Try to recreate something on Pinterest- Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration. However, sometimes browsing the pretty pictures just isn’t enough. A more hands-on approach would be to find something you love on Pinterest and try to re-create it! It could be a new recipe, DIY, or even trying to recreate a photo that you love to look at. This takes the thinking out of being creative. You have the task laid out in front of you. Who knows, recreating something could spark another idea!



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