How to sell used clothes

It is no secret that we all have clothes we don’t wear. Or worse yet, clothes that still have the original tags on them. I have a super bad tendency to wear things one time and then never wear it again. It has gotten even worse now that I take Instagram photos all the time. If I wear it once for a photo, I typically won't post another photo in the same outfit. Because of this, it was very important that I found a way to filter through my clothes and sell what I wasn’t wearing anymore. I then use the money from selling my older clothes to buy new pieces! My closet has become like a revolving door. It allows me to be less attached to my clothes and less likely to hold onto things for no reason. These are my favorite ways to sell my clothing!

Facebook Groups- Facebook yard sale groups are where you will typically get the most money for your clothing. Every time that I move places, I always purge my closet and post a ton of stuff on my local Facebook groups. This works well because people are local so you don’t need to ship it and you can charge whatever you want with no additional fees.

Instagram- On Instagram, there are two options for selling clothing. You can make a separate Instagram page specifically for selling your clothes or you can make a story highlight to post clothing for sale. This works well if your followers are generally the same size and have the same style as you. The downsides are that you then become in charge of shipping these items. It is more of a hassle to ship and it can be pricey to even ship a top. The other issue is that If you post on your stories, some followers could become annoyed by it.

Poshmark- Poshmark is where I sell 90% of my clothing. Poshmark is a place that people specifically go to buy/sell clothing, so you won’t have to worry about annoying people, flooding their insta-feeds, or the hassle of shipping. Posh is also a moderated platform so you will not have to worry about dishonest people. Keep in mind that Poshmark does take 20% in fees so that can definitely cut into your prices. Posh is also the most time consuming of all the platforms.

Whatever way you decide to sell your clothes, there will pluses and minuses of both. You can even post in all three places to triple your chances at selling your clothing. And just think of all the cute stuff you can get with the money you earn!

Here is a link to my own poshmark account:

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