My current fashion obsessions

My current fashion obsessions

 Anyone else instantly think of that Usher song "Confessions" when they hear someone say "these are my obsessions," or is that just me? I always mix up those words for some reason. ANYWAYS, here is a list of some things I have been obsessing over that are fashion related! 

  1. Hair/neck scarves- these make the perfect accessory. I love adding them to basic outfits for a pop of fun! Bonus: they make me feel like I’m on a Pinterest vacation.


  1. Red- If you have seen my Instagram page lately, you will already know this. I’m obsessed with anything red. From tops to accessories. If I don’t have a red item on, I try and find photo locations with reds. Red is one of the best colors for photography.


  1. Graphic Tees- I use to hate wearing t-shirts if I am being completely honest. However, lately, I haven’t been able to stop buying them! I especially love the white ones with colorful lettering.


  1. Printed skirts- I actually don’t own any skirts but my Instagram feed has been flooded with cute printed skirts and I can’t get enough. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect fit but when I find it, you better believe I will be posting a ton of pics!


  1. Rainbow stripes- This is probably my biggest obsession right now. Not only does it look good in photos, but rainbow stripes are an instant mood booster!

What are your favorite things right now?

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