Photo spots for every vibe

If you want color-

  • Lingerie shops usually have colorful buildings for some reason. Usually, they are pink/purple so if you are looking for those colors, search for your nearest lingerie shop
  • Storage centers! A majority of them have a color scheme for their storage doors. You will usually find orange, green, or blue doors there!
  • Treat/drink shops are also great for colorful buildings. Typically, they must be free-standing buildings though
  • Fruit stands- fruit is wonderful and colorful!
  • Tennis courts- they are usually either red and green or green and blue!    

If you want retro vibes- This includes old cars, racing patterns, old signs, and what-not.

  • Auto shops are the best place for all these things! Usually, you will be able to find an old car parked on the lot somewhere and usually, the outside of the building will have a checkered pattern somewhere. I have gotten a ton of cool pictures from mechanic shops!
  • Laundromats
  • Diners are also great!
  • Record stores/video stores
  • Soda signs (Coke/Pepsi metal signs)

If you want vacation feels/architecture

  • Banks! Banks are known for their symmetry! They also use a lot of columns with their buildings and I have always thought that those reminded me of vacation! (hopefully, someone else agrees)
  • Any area with water…obviously
  • Find any cool road and pose in the middle of it- safely
  • Greenhouses! You can even stay near the tropical greenery and no one will ever know that you weren’t out on a tropical island!
  • Use a colorful drink or fruit for an island-living feel  

If you want lifestyle spots-

  • Find your local food trucks! They are usually colorful and cute for photos! Plus, you get to enjoy a snack at the same time. Everybody wins
  • Local cafes and coffee shops- they don’t even need to be open to take these photos as long as they have a cute sitting area outside
  • Farmers markets
  • Use your own house! I think sometimes we forget that we can use our own house for taking great photos

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