Things my pet pig has taught me

Things my pet pig and cat has taught me

Pets are a wonderful thing. Think of all the time we spend with these wonderful furry creatures. They don’t talk to us, but they can still teach you valuable life lessons. I have a cat and a miniature pig to brighten my life. Having my pet pig for about a year and a half now, she has taught me so many things. Here is a list of some things she has taught me.

We all need alone time. This has never been more obvious until my pig moved in. She has her own bedroom and commands her alone time. If she is feeling crabby, it’s usually because she is sick of me and needs some time to chill out. She will go into her bedroom, close the door and spend a few hours thinking about her life. When she decides to come out, it’s like she Is a completely different pet. I think we can all learn from this. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your family/friends, it just is a time to refresh and be by ourselves.

Forgiveness. Everyone could learn to have more forgiveness in their lives. I have watched my cat beat up my pig countless times. It is never in a mean manner, but more of the cat trying to show the pig who really runs this house. And every time, my pig forgives and goes and lays right next to the cat. I hope one day I can have the same instant forgiveness as my pig.

Never give up/Stand your ground. Pigs are the most stubborn creatures you will ever meet. If I had one ounce of her ability to get what she wants and not compromise, I would be living in a whole new world. She usually uses this skill around snack time. But imagine if all of us knew what we wanted and went after that goal with the same amount of determination as a pig. We would all be CEOs or something at our dream jobs.

You can feel mad and love at the same time. Too often we can let our emotions get the best of us. Anger is a very consuming emotion. Somehow, my pets have managed to master being mad while still feeling love. I can yell at my pig for misbehaving and she will be angry at me but will still insist on being next to me when its bedtime. I am also trying to learn this. I don’t want the feeling of anger to cloud my other feelings. You can still be angry at someone at that moment while still being able to continue to love them.

To summarize, we can learn a lot from the furry creatures that don’t speak. Even without being able to communicate with words, they are still able to communicate effectively. Sometimes I think they can communicate better than some actual people. Pets are quick to forgive and move on. They don’t let their emotions cloud their judgment or say things they don’t mean. So basically, if we all learned some things from our pets, we would be on our way to being better people.  

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