Top 5 Instagram Apps

These are 5 of my must-have apps for Instagram. From editing to tracking and everything in between. These are the apps that I use on a daily basis to keep my Instagram running!

  1. UNUM- this is a MUST HAVE If you want your Instagram to look cohesive. UNUM is a feed planning app that is completely free! You can organize your layout for about 20 days of posts. This has helped keep my feed cohesive and non-repetitive.
  2. Lightroom- This is where I edit all my photos. I purchased the subscription, so I can edit on my desktop and on my phone. This is also where I have my presets! They have an awesome free version though that is strictly for mobile use.
  3. Mextures- This app has a ton of overlays for your photos, but I only use this app to add grain. If you are looking for a vintage look, this is the app for you! I believe it’s only $1.99 which is even better!
  4. Hype Type- This is how I create an animated story! If you want to add animated words to your story, this app allows you to do that by creating short videos over your image. It just adds a little something extra to your Instagram stories.
  5. Over- This is another editing app I use for my stories. They have a ton of graphics that you can add to jazz up any photo. I only use it for my stories but you can add it to regular posts if you want to have something on top of it.


Well, those are my most used Instagram apps! They help me add some fun to my stories and it keeps my feed looking polished. What are your favorite apps to use?



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