Why are we so bothered by influencers?

It seems that lately there has been an uproar in the social media space. Typically, its people complaining about sponsored posts and “unrealistic” portrayals of peoples lives. As someone who is currently in that social media space, I wanted to give my thoughts. Although I do not consider myself a social media influencer just yet, I still have done my share of sponsored posts and have been on both sides of the equation.

Speaking on sponsored posts, I think most peoples annoyance and anger stems from a point of jealousy. I remember watching influencers unboxing hauls on their stories and thinking that I wish that was me. Everyone wants free products, so it is natural to be a little jealous that they are receiving those items for free. There is a difference between being a little envious and being spiteful. I have read/watched people on their stories talk about how they will unfollow accounts that they like just because they have a sponsored post.

Think about that for a minute. Would you stop watching your favorite TV show because it has commercials? No. You may be annoyed by commercials, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the show. Even youtube now has commercials before the videos. Another response that is not okay is when people say that they are getting free stuff for “doing nothing.” Unless you do social media, you do not know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and creativity to keep a social media account going. Just because the influencer makes it look effortless, it doesn’t mean it is. Their job is to make every photo beautiful and to make it look easy. Sometimes, influencers use social media for their full-time jobs. If they don’t do their sponsored posts, they don’t get to eat or create awesome content that you want to see. If anything, we should be celebrating the people that have been able to make their dream job a reality.

Switching over to the topic of “unrealistic” portrayals of influencers lives. This is something that really gets me upset when I think about it. The number of comments from people saying that it's portraying an unrealistic goal for people to aspire to is just silly. If social media was actually filled with photos of the everyday struggles of people, no one would care. To me, the biggest part of social media is seeing all the things I want to do one day. Have I been to a tropical island lately? No. Do I enjoy seeing it still? Yes. This all comes down to jealousy once again. Just because you wish you were on a tropical island, doesn’t mean you should tare down the people that are doing it. If anything, we should all be using this as motivation to follow our dreams and do what we want to do in our life. While also still realizing that what you see is not every aspect of that person’s life. We all have good days and bad days. Influencers shouldn’t be punished just because they chose not to take a photo on a bad day.

I could go on and on about this topic, but I will leave it at that. Before you tare someone down for living their dreams, look inside to see what it is that is really the issue. I bet you it has nothing to with influencers who are just trying to live their best life and feed their families. We should all be supporting each other in any way we can.

For more on this topic, listen to What We Said podcast By Jaci and Chelsey


why are we annoyed with influencers


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