About Us

 Brother and sister family owned boutique


Before we get into our story, let's introduce you to the Aspyn team! Don’t worry,  this part won’t take long… there are only 2 of us, afterall lol. We are a quirky brother and sister duo with a love for color (duh) and a bit of a coffee addiction (can’t function without it). Kalianna is a colorful content creator/influencer with a rainbow aesthetic. Daylon is a photographer and assistant for the @Kaliannakali brand. With our minds on the same wavelength through the power of being siblings, we bring you the wonder, the magic, that is Aspyn & Ivy rainbow boutique.


Now that we are out of the way, let's spill the tea of the Aspyn & Ivy story. I, the color loving sister, went on a quest to find a colorful store that fulfills my craving for bright, colorful, rainbow outfits. Instead, what I found was nothing but neutrals, basics, and more of the same. For some, that can be the perfect fit, but I wanted color pops and funky silhouettes! I wanted something that represented ME! At that moment, I realized it was up to me to create a rainbow boutique. So, Aspyn and Ivy was born. A boutique for YOU, my magic filled, COLOR fanatics.



At the end of the day, we are here to inspire, build a colorful community, and spread positivity through the power of colorful clothing! When something as simple as a colorful outfit can make someone smile, it’s hard to not want to be a part of it. 

    • Inspire - Inspiring you to be YOU (because nobody is as cool as you)
    • Community Driven - Building a community of color lovers just like you
    • Spread Positivity - Sharing ways to see the good, and celebrate the joy of the everyday



 A #Colorsquad member is someone who doesn’t fit the mold, someone who puts fun first, and isn’t afraid to be themselves through wearing what they want. They go through life showing kindness and celebrating the uniqueness that is within through their love of color and rainbows!


Does this sound like you? 

Here is your personal invite to join the #Colorsquad community!