Our Story


Aspyn and Ivy has been a dream of mine for years. I have always been selling clothes in one way or another starting back in high school. I am now a senior in college and I finally decided to go for my dream. And of course, I have been shopping for clothing since I was born so it seemed like a natural progression. I was born and raised in a little town of Maine (all the towns there are small) and I decided to sell everything I owned and drive across the country. After closing my eyes and picking a new place to move to, I ended up in Logan Utah. The fashion was drastically different than from where I grew up and I loved it! However, I find it extremely difficult to find stores that sold both styles that I love. That is where Aspyn and Ivy came from.

The whole idea behind Aspyn and Ivy is that I wanted to create a store that had both the East Coast style that I grew up with and the style of my new home in Utah. I envisioned Aspyn and Ivy to be two girls who grew up in two different places. Aspyn is from the mountain-west and Ivy (think of where all the ivy league schools are) grew up on the East Coast. Hence “Aspyn and Ivy,” a mix of both of their styles. These are not real people perse, but in theory, they could be anyone. I hope to be able to reach out to trendsetters who love the mix of both fashion styles with this boutique.